No. 614.

Mr. Bayard to Mr. Cramer.

No. 129.]

Sir: Your No. 204, of the 20th ultimo, relative to the expulsion of Mr. H. T. C. Emeis, a naturalized citizen of the United States, from the territory of the canton of Neuchâtel, has been received.

The statements which you communicate in regard to the passport, certificate of naturalization, and description of Henry Theodore Christian Emeis are verified by the records.

The letter of Mr. Emeis addressed to you on the 7th ultimo seems to be an honest and true statement. It appears therefrom that Mr. Emeis had been a considerable period making trial of different altitudes in Switzerland for his health; that his movements from place to place, though perfectly comprehensible from a proper point of view, were either willfully or otherwise misinterpreted; that his comparative ignorance of the French language, and of the adulterated German of the locality, complicated the case, and that the concluding act of the local authorities was to expel him from the canton.

You say you have requested the High Federal Council to cause the authorities of Neuchâtel to revoke the order of expulsion as an act of simple justice, due alike to Mr. Emeis and to the country of which he is a citizen, and trust your course will be approved.

It appears to this Department that such an act as you solicit at the hands of the Swiss Government is the least thing which could be asked for in the way of reparation, and to its extent it can be but acceptable. Your course, therefore, is approved.

I am, &c.,