No. 598.

Mr. Thomas to Mr. Bayard .

No. 107.]

Sir: I have the honor to address you upon the proposed duties on grain and pork imported into Sweden.

Referring to my dispatch No. 100 on this subject, I have the honor to add thereto that no less than fifteen motions were made in the Swedish Diet for the imposition of duties upon farm products. All of these motions were referred to the joint committee on ways and means. This committee first considered the propositions for a duty on wheat, and after a full discussion, lasting two days, voted 10 to 9 to report adversely thereon.

The committee then proceeded to the proposed duties on the other kinds of grain and pork, and voted in like manner, 10 to 9, to report-adversely on all with the single exception of maize. Upon maize (not ground) the committee yesterday voted 10 to 9 to report in favor of an import duty of one crown (.268 cents) per 100 kilograms (220 pounds).

* * * * * * *

It is certain that the large protectionist minority of the committee will bring in a minority report in favor of duties upon pork, grain, flour, meal, and probably other agricultural products.

It must be remembered that this matter has not yet got beyond the committee, which up to the present time has not reported thereon. What action the Diet will, take it is impossible at this writing to forecast with any degree of certainty. It seems, however, probable that all propositions to impose duties upon agricultural products imported into Sweden will eventually be rejected by the Swedish Diet.

Much interest is manifested in the question throughout Sweden. Public meetings are held in many cities and towns of the Kingdom, and long petitions both for and against the proposed duties are forwarded to the Diet.

I will keep you informed of the further progress of this matter.

I have, &c.,