No. 582.

Mr. Valera to Mr. Bayard .


The undersigned, envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of His Majesty the King of Spain, has the honor to address the honorable Thomas F. Bayard, Secretary of State of the United States, in order to inform him that the consul of Spain at New Orleans has received intelligence of the existence of arms and munitions of war intended for an expedition against Cuba, on board of a small bark named Adelina, at present in the waters of New Orleans, and that there is, moreover, another deposit of munitions in a private house in that city, and that these are about to be shipped, with the like destination, upon the brigantine schooner Mexico, chartered by the filibusters.

The collector of New Orleans, General Badger, and the marshal, Mr. Pitkin, are informed already of these facts. The former has offered to take the necessary steps to prevent the departure of any filibustering expedition, or of any articles contraband of war, but the latter states that in order to act in this matter he needs the authorization of his superior, the Attorney-General.

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The marshal, Mr. Pitkin, was authorized by the former Attorney-General of the United States to intervene in the cases of this kind which might arise in the city of New Orleans and the undersigned minister begs that, and will be thankful to the honorable Secretary of State if, he will request the present Attorney-General to renew the said authorization for the present case and others of this nature which may arise in that port and within his jurisdiction.

The undersigned, &c.,