No. 50.

Mr. Whitehouse to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: In my dispatch of the 6th instant I stated that Salvador and Honduras had sent their adhesion to President Barrios’ decree, and I based this assertion on the assurances of one of the cabinet ministers. I now find I must moderate it.

Honduras immediately and unreservedly adhered, but President Zaldivar, of Salvador, vacillated, sending ambiguous telegrams of congratulations, but stating that it would be necessary for him to convoke his Congress and submit the matter to them.

This, as will be seen by the inclosed correspondence, President Barrios deems to be entirely unneccessary.

It is very generally expected that war will be declared within a few days.

Nothing has as yet been made public concerning the answers received form Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

I am, &c.,


President Barrios to President Zaldivar.

Relying upon frequent assurances and promises which you and General Bogran gave me to stand by me in the endeavor of union, I communicated to you and to him, as also to Dr. Cardenas and General Fernandez with the same spirit the resolution adopted by me in the decree of the 28th ultimo. General Bogran and the Honduras people have replied patriotically and immediately to my invitation, giving their adhesion to my decree and proclaiming the grand country that I desire for Central America. Your Government does not reply, and I do not need to say why it does not, but I reckon, as you know, upon the power and the elements that are indispensable and upon the help of all good patriots of Central America, in order to realize the union, and I am bound and disposed to advance in the step I have taken, come what may.

With this view I to-day name General Menendez to take charge of the military command of the western department of Salvador to raise and uphold the flag of the Republic of Central America; and I hope that you, who in your telegram two days ago still say you are with me and will share my fate, will give prompt and efficient orders to recognize and obey General Menendez forthwith in his rank of delegate of the supreme military commander of Central America, which I am exercising.

I will add that I did not assemble Congress in order to issue my decree, in which I took such a great responsibility; that I informed it only because it met on the following day, and that the Congress of Honduras only took part because it happened to be in session, and that did not prevent General Bogran from forthwith giving his adhesion to the great cause. Yet you who have shown yourself the most enthusiastic and [Page 75] friendly, and whom I could have expected to at once issue a decree of adhesion, calling together the Congress to make them acquainted with my decree, instead of adopting the more suitable, immediate, and energetic resolution.

My determination is irrevocable, and all that cannot forthwith support the idea I have proclaimed will only serve to involve all the country in a great revolution, for which I shall hold you, and only you and your circle, responsible to Central America. To convoke Congress, as you desire, appears to me entirely useless when there is in question a cause which all the Governments, by their respective constitutions, are bound to embrace and no Central American can dare to oppose. Delay in this matter can only mean opposition, fear, or want of confidence.