No. 498.

Mr. Taft to Mr. Bayard .

No. 30.]

Sir: Referring to instruction No. 7 from the Department of State to this legation and to my answer in part thereto, numbered 26, I have now the honor to send the answer of this Government to my application, made in pursuance of said first-named dispatch, with a translation thereof.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 30.]

Mr. Vlangaly to Mr. Taft .

Mr. Minister: Your note of December 22, 1884 (January 3, 1885), with which you favored the imperial ministry, had for object to obtain information on the point whether the Imperial Government had issued an order by which all foreign Israelites were expelled from the city of Odessa and other localities in the Empire. You at the same time expressed in the name of your Government the desire that permits of residence might be given to all Jewish citizens of the United States of America.

I have to-day the honor to inform you, on a communication from the ministry of the interior, that no such action has been taken by the Imperial Government.

In regard to furnishing the Jewish citizens of America with Russian permits of residence, the minister of the interior observes that he cannot comply with this request, as according to the regulations established on this subject every foreigner having his national passport in due order is obliged, on his own application, to be furnished by the competent Russian authority with a permit of residence.

The law at the same time grants to foreigners the right to bring complaint for any irregularity that may take place in this respect.

I have also to add that the Imperial Government is unable to supply the legation of the United States with statistics concerning the number of the Jewish American citizens residing in Russia.

Receive, &c.,