No. 449.

Mr. Buck to Mr. Bayard .

No. 7.]

Sir: Respecting the political situation here, it seems no military news is permitted to be published except under censorship. Two days ago two newspapers, “El Comercio” and “El Pais,” the latter Pierola’s reputed organ, were fined 500 silver soles each for exercising too much liberty, according to the Government standards in this decision.

The port of Mollendo and Arequipa were abandoned weeks ago by General Cáceres, and he has been for some time reported at Huancayo. It is thought he has with him perhaps 2,500 men, badly clothed and shod, and with little money, but well armed and provided with ammunition, obtained through Bolivia. Señor Tovar, minister of justice, has been on an errand of negotiation as commissioner from the Government to General Cáceres. He is reported to have met Dr. Chinario, General Cáceres’s minister of foreign relations, at Santa Rosa de Ataura, a place between the two armies declared neutral, and the news has just been given out to-night that General Cáceres in a communication dated June 30, sent to General Mas, the commander of the Government troops, declares the mission confided to Señor Tovar is only to prolong influence of Chili in the affairs of Peru, and General Cáceres proposed to General Mas, to join forces and overthrow General Iglesias in Lima. To this communication General Mas made no reply, but sent the letter of General Cáceres to the Government.

Thus seems to end in failure the fourth attempt which has been made to bring about a pacification.

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I have, &c.,