No. 32.

Baron Schaeffer to Mr. Bayard.

Sir: Information having reached His Majesty’s Government through Prague papers and otherwise, that a considerable number of Bohemian’s (Czechs), residents of Chicago and the environing districts, are going to leave on the 30th instant, at 5 o’clock p.m., by the Hamburg steamer Westphalia, as saloon and steerage passengers, for Prague, Bohemia, ostensibly to witness the opening festivities of the new National Theater in that city, and as it is quite possible that some of the Bohemian socialists and anarchists, now in this country, may avail themselves of this opportunity for effecting their return to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, or with a view to smuggle into His Majesty’s dominion pamphlets of revolutionary character or explosives, I have been instructed to bring this matter to the notice of the Government of the United States. I have consequently the honor to make you the above communication, requesting you to take measures for having the luggage of all Bohemian tourists who are booked as passengers on the Westphalia carefully examined by the New York police, and to have all suspicious matter in the way of explosives and revolutionary pamphlets seized.

I venture to hope that this request, prompted by considerations of the utmost importance, may appear practicable in your eyes, and beg that you will inform me if such suspicious matter should have been found.

Accept, &c.,