No. 306.

Mr. Pendleton to Mr. Bayard.

No. 55.]

Sir: I have the honor, replying to the inquiries relating to the case of David Lemberger, contained in your instruction No. 24, of the 1st instant, to inform you as follows:

In the letter of August 21, 1884, submitting the case of David Lemberger, Mr. George L. Catlin, then our consul at Stuttgart, informed this legation that Lemberger’s father, Moses Lemberger, had last returned to Germany in 1875, and had since been engaged in business at Rexingen, in Wurtemberg.

Our present consul at Stuttgart, Mr. Kimball, has now, at there-quest of the legation, furnished further information respecting the residence and action of father and son. This information is contained in a letter of which a copy and translation are herewith inclosed, addressed to the consul by the father, from whose statements it appears that the father has resided at Rexingen ever since his return in Germany in 1875; that both father and son still reside there; that the father is now [Page 428] looking for a place at which his son can acquire German allegiance on the cheapest terms, and that citizenship at Münster, in Wurtemberg, has been promised the son.

This fact, as to the return and residence of the father, was within the knowledge of this legation at the time of the receipt of Count Hatzfeldt’s note of July 11, last, and precluded the reply which occurred to the Secretary of State, and would have been very pertinent had the fact been otherwise.

I have, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 55.—Translation.]

Mr. Lemberger to Mr. Kimball.

I will answer your letter at once. I came with my family in 1870 to Wurtemberg, and returned to America without them in 1874, where I staid for about fifteen months, returning here again, where I have since lived, in 1875. My son has not yet obtained German allegiance. I have been looking about me to see where it could be obtained most cheaply. I was at Münster, Oberamt, and Cannstadt, where my son has been promised citizenship when the matter shall have been decided by the Imperial office.

My son is still here with his parents.