No. 192.

Mr. Becerra to Mr. Bayard.


Sir: I have just received, through the consul of Colombia at New York, the following telegram from Colonel Ulloa, in command of the national forces quartered in the city of Colon:

Colon, April 7, 1885.

I am informed that forces are to be sent from Cauca. I am awaiting their arrival in order to act in concert with them.


It is consequently to be expected that the rebels, who now hold the city of Panama, will be attacked in a few days, and as I know but too well the nature of the elements of which they may make use in order to resist the national forces, and as those very rebels have already shown at the unfortunate city of Colon that they are capable of committing all sorts of outrages, I take the liberty most respectfully to suggest, Mr. Secretary of State, that it would be well if the American forces that have been sent for the purpose of keeping interoceanic transit open, and of protecting the lives and property of Americans residing on the Isthmus, could be informed of what is about to take place at Panama, and could receive instructions calculated to prevent, in case of extremity, a repetition of the destruction which took place at Colon.

I renew, &c.,