No. 169.

Mr. Scruggs to Mr. Bayard.

No. 241.]

Sir: You have doubtless learned from other sources that Prestan did not take refuge in Jamaica, as was at one time believed here; but that he was captured near Barranquilla by Government forces, whence he was sent to Colon, tried by a military commission, and hanged near the scene of his crimes. It was a fitting end of him.

Aizpuru, who is perhaps very little less criminal, is still in prison here. He will, in all probability, be banished from the country, though it is still uncertain whether he will not hang.

Gaitan, “the river pirate,” was captured some days ago in the Carare (a tributary of the Magdelena), and is now in prison in Zipaquera. He will be tried by a military commission, and, in all probability, banished.

I have, &c.,