No. 154

Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Scruggs .

No. 22.]

Sir: I herewith transmit a copy of a dispatch, No. 122, of January 7 last from the United States consul at Barranquilla, in relation to the revolution then in progress in Colombia, and have to say that while the question of accountability for the spoliation of insurgents may remain open, yet there can be no doubt as to the responsibility of the Government de jure for all spoliations it may resort to for its own protection.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure in No. 22.]

Mr. Dawson to Mr. Davis .

No. 122.]

Sir: I beg respectfully to inform you that this country is in a state of revolution, and that the revolutionary forces, under the command of General Ricardo Gait an, have taken possession of this city. All the steamers on the river have been seized by the revolutionists, and most of them sent back to this port.

One of them, the Trujillo, commanded by Captain Bradford, an American, and owned by citizens of the United States, had the tops taken from her cylinders, 90 miles up the Magdalena, and brought to this port. Four separate mails for Bogota were brought back here. Besides they were also opened by the revolutionists, and $70,000 in Government funds and $40,000 in specie extracted therefrom.

A battle has been fought at Ocano, and about eighty men killed on both sides.

There is no communication between here and Bogota at present, and the telegraph wire between here and Carthagena is reported cut in thirty-five different places. [Page 208] Yesterday the military authorities here seized the river steamer Roberto Calixto, owned by citizens of the United States in New York, to convey troops to Santa Martha. I protested on behalf of my countrymen, but the colonel in command ordered his soldiers to go aboard, which they did. The value of the steamer was fixed at $60,000, and her use at $300 per day.

The Atlas steamer arrived in port this morning, but there is no cargo to go by her.

I most respectfully request that a ship of war may be sent to Sabanilla Bay immediately, in order, in case of necessity, to protect the lives and interests of citizens of the United States.

All the local officers, governor of the province, collector of the port, &c., have been changed by the revolutionists. This city, Carthagena, Savanalaya, and Soledad are proclaimed under martial law.

I have, &c.,