No. 140.

Mr. Bayard to Mr. Cheng Tsao Ju .

Sir: With reference to your note to this Departmant of the 7th ultimo, in regard to the assault upon Chinese residents of Seattle, Washington Territory, and the threatened expulsion of Chinese from that Territory, and to my reply of the 28th ultimo, I have now the honor to inform you that Governor Watson Squire reports that the persons accused of killing the Chinese are now in jail under indictment and awaiting trial for murder in the first degree. The governor, reports, further that a better feeling in the direction of peace and order already prevails, and that a strong organization of the better class of citizens has arrayed itself under the law, for concerted action to prevent any outbreak against the Chinese. He is satisfied of the ability of the civil authorities to maintain order, but at the same time is fully prepared to notify the President by telegraph in case it shall be necessary to call out the military force at Vancouver Barracks, within a few hours’ journey from the disturbed locality.

Accept, sir, &c.,