No. 13.

Mr. Francis to Mr. Bayard.


My Dear Mr. Secretary: Calling at the foreign office yesterday, it was intimated to me by Mr. Szögyényi, chief of section, minister of foreign affairs, that serious objections had been made by the Austrian Government to Mr. Keiley, which would render his recognition here as my successor extremely inconvenient. He said a friendly Government, a near neighbor, had objected to him as the United States representative at its court, and its views had found earnest expression here since the President had named him as United States minister to Austria-Hungary. The alleged fact that his wife was a Jewess did not influence the judgment of His Majesty’s Government in the premises, for Austria is tolerant and liberal in respect of religious matters; but it cannot prescribe society usage, which might be unpleasant in that regard.

I said in response to these observations that I deeply regretted the existence of this feeling entertained on this subject, but of course it could not be expected that is would enter into discussion concerning it.

* * *

I am, &c.,