No. 29.
Mr. Shannon to Mr. Fish.

No. 85.]

Sir: Excepting a new interest in the Argentine question, natural result of the convention signed on the 19th instant, public attention here has of late been mainly directed to the preliminary sessions of the legislative chambers, which will be formally opened on the 1st day of next month with the usual ceremonies, provided a quorum of members are present in the capital on that day. It seems to be the general opinion that the session will be a stormy one.

There have been several changes recently in the foreign diplomatic corps on service here.

M. Axel de Berends tas arrived, in the quality of secretary of the Russian legation.

D. Mariano Reys Cardona, in the quality of envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary of Bolivia near this court, (with the secretary of legation, Señor Sabino Capriles,) arrived here on the 18th of October, and rec audience of His Majesty for the presentation of his credentials on the 26th of October.

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Count Solms, the German minister resident, having received permission from his government to retire from this court, sailed for Europe on the 2d instant, and it is said that he will not return. The consul-general has been left in charge of the legation.

* * * * * * *

Extensive repairs having been completed on the flag-ship Lancaster, I am advised by Rear-Admiral Taylor that she will go to sea to-day, on a cruise to the river.

I am, &c.,