No. 271.
Mr. Bliss to Mr. Fish.

No. 672.]

Sir: The secondary election of President of the republic, which took place on the 27th instant, resulted in the almost unanimous choice of Mr. Lerdo. General Diaz received but a single electoral vote in this city, and but a few dozen in the entire republic. His submission to the government, accepting the terms of the amnesty of the 27th of July last, was officially announced on the day of the election, and he will soon present himself in this city.

The steamer Guatemala, of the Panama line of coasting-steamers, was wrecked on the 13th instant, on the bar of Tonala, in the State of Chiapas. Twenty-three lives were lost and the sum of $300,000.

The frontier commission mentioned in dispatch No. 657 has been formed by the appointment of Messrs. Emilio Velasco, of this city, Mr. Jgnacio Galindo, of Nuevo Leon, and Mr. Antonio Garcia Carrillo, of Coahuila, with Mr. Agustin Siliceo as secretary. Messrs. Velasco and Siliceo left this city on the 26th instant for Matamoros.

I have, &c.,