No. 238.
Mr. Marsh to Mr. Fish.

No. 460.]

Sir: The Italian ministry, which has been long seriously threatened by the opposition, was defeated this evening on a question of financial policy and has resigned. The ordinary left party was not of itself strong enough to overthrow the ministry, but the measures proposed by the minister of finance and supported by the government were unpalatable to many members of the right; and on this occasion the opposition was headed by Mr. Minghetti, who has heretofore acted with the administration. Other members of the same party followed Mr. Minghetti, and the result was as I have stated.

I have seen the minister of foreign affairs and several other members of the cabinet since the vote was taken, and learn from them that it was understood beforehand that in case of their defeat Mr. Minghetti would be called on to form a new cabinet. Well-informed Italian politicians doubt whether Mr. Minghetti will succeed in organizing a new ministry; and, in any case, several days will probably elapse before this question will be decided.

I have, &c.,