No. 235.
Mr. Marsh to Mr. Fish.

No. 428.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit by this post, in a separate envelope, a copy of the bill for the regulation of the religious corporations at Rome, proposed to Parliament by the Italian ministry, together with the statistical and other documents prepared by the government in explanation and support of the measure.

These papers are too voluminous for translation, and as I received them only this morning, I have not yet had time to make myself acquainted with their purport.

The bill will meet a strong opposition from both extremes of the chamber, and its passage in its present shape is considered very doubtful by the best informed persons with whom I have conversed on the subject.

The debate on this bill will be preceded by another discussion in relation to the policy of the ministry in the collection of the taxes under existing laws, and it is questionable whether the cabinet will be able to rally a majority in its support on this question. I do not, however, expect a complete overthrow of the present able government, though a modification of the ministry in several departments is highly probable.

I have, &c.,