No. 229.
Mr. Peirce to Mr. Fish.

No. 183.]

Sir: The funeral of his late Majesty Kamehameha V, took place with imposing ceremonies on the 11th instant.

Inclosed herewith is a printed programme of the order of procession.

Capt. A. G. Clary, eighteen officers, and twenty-live marines, all of the United States steamer Benicia, formed part of the funeral cortege, and contributed much to make the occasion impressive.

The late King undoubtedly died from the effects of excessive obesity, inducing congestion of the brain and lungs. His weight was supposed to be three hundred and fifty pounds.

I inclose herewith an excellent photographic likeness of King Lunalilo, who succeeds to the Hawaiian throne; inaugurated January 9, 1873. He is unmarried. Being the stirp of a new dynasty, he will probably marry soon.

With great respect, &c.,