No. 211.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Bassett.

No. 137.]

Sir: Your dispatch No. 181, of the 17th ultimo, inclosing a copy of correspondence, marked “Non-official,” between yourself and the secretary [Page 460] of state of Hayti in relation to the arrest on your premises of persons engaged in your domestic service, has been received.

The statement made in your personal note to Mr. Ethéart, respecting the inviolability of the domicile of a diplomatic agent, was substantially correct; but the immunities of an embassador are not of a personal character. They belong to the government of which he is the representative. It is to be regretted, therefore, that you treated the invasion of your house and the arrest therein of your servants as a personal offense, to be atoned for by the simple release of the persons arrested, and a private note expressive of regret.

This act, especially when regarded in connection with a recent invasion of the commercial agency at St. Marc, and other acts of disrespect, and of neglect of diplomatic and international courtesies, significant of an intent which should have elicited from you a more emphatic protest than your unofficial communication to the Secretary of State, and a demand for more decided redress than that which you were content to accept.

I am, &c.,

Hamilton Fish.