Mr. Berthemy to Mr. Seward.

Sir: On addressing you in the month of June, 1866, about the convention concluded at Geneva the 22d of August, 1864, in respect to the initiative of the Swiss federal council for the amelioration of the condition [Page 456] of soldiers wounded in the armies in the field, the Marquis de Montholon apprized you at the same time of the interest which the government of the Emperor attached to the work of humanity, which it was the object of that note to realize. Your excellency having stated, in answer to that communication, that you thought it your duty before replying to it to have an understanding with the Department of War, the minister for foreign affairs directs me to recall this question to the attention of the cabinet at Washington. I would therefore be obliged to you, Mr. Secretary of State, to please to inform me what decision the federal government have arrived at in relation to the international act of 1864.

Accept, Mr. Secretary of State, the assurances of my high consideration.


Hon. William H. Seward, &c., &c., &c.