Mr. Campbell to Mr. Seward.

No. 55.]

Sir: On Tuesday last the Baron Rabb, a member of the upper chamber of the Swedish Diet, addressed several inquiries to Count Manderstrõm, minister of state and of foreign affairs, among which was the following.

Has the sudden friendship between Russia and America anything menacing in it?

To this inquiry Count Manderstrorn replied as follows:

The second question leads us far on the ground of conjectural politics, on which ground I have neither any disposition nor do I feel myself authorized to touch. It is certain, however, that if the intimate relations signalized by the Baron Rabb have conducted, or shall conduct, to an offensive alliance against us, or against any of the powers with which we are allied by the treaty of November, our security would be diminished by it in rather a considerable degree.

I do not know whether Baron Rabb’s information is derived from sources unknown to me, but as for myself the articles which have appeared on this subject in the newspapers can only inspire me with great mistrust of them, and so much the more because the Russian minister of foreign affairs has loudly denied that such an alliance has been thought of; and as far as I know, the diplomacy of other countries, as well as our own, have not discovered any trace of it.

I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obedient servant,


Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washington, D.C.