Mr. Seward to Mr. King.

No. 58.]

Sir: You have already been informed that a law has been enacted by Congress which declares that from and after the 30th of June next no more money shall be paid for the legation at Rome. This law leaves your mission still existing, but without compensation after that period.

You will be at liberty, under the circumstances, to consult your own feelings and interest, either to remain at Rome, in charge of the legation, after the 30th of June, without compensation or provision for your expenses, or to resign, or to leave Rome without resigning on leave of absence, but in every case without compensation, whether remaining in Europe or returning here.

Should you decide withdrawing from Rome, you are at liberty to do so at any time before or after the 30th of June. Whenever you may have prepared to withdraw from that capital, you will place the archives in the care of the consul at that place, taking the proper vouchers therefor, and you will inform the cardinal secretary of state of that proceeding. You will need to give him no further explanation, although you are entirely at liberty to communicate the contents of this instruction.

I am, sir, your obedient servant,


Rufus King, Esq., &c., &c., &c.