Mr. Marsh to Viscount Venosta.

Mr. Minister : I have the honor to enclose herewith a copy of an instruction which I have just received from the State Department of the United States, in relation to the exaction of involuntary loans of foreign governments from citizens of the United States residing in their territories.

It will be observed that this instruction contains all the guarantees against the imposition of such contributions upon Italian subjects residing in the United States which the nature of the case allows, and I doubt not that the assurance of reciprocity of treatment in this respect, thus given, will be deemed amply sufficient.

As soon as I receive the further instructions which the present authorizes me to expect, I will lose no time in communicating them to you, and I trust that the officer of the ministry of finance will be directed to exempt American citizens residing in Italy from compulsory proceedings for the collection of the proposed national loan referred to in your notes to this legation on that subject.

Accept, Mr. Minister, the renewed assurance of my high consideration.


The Commander Visconti Venosta, Minister of Foreign Affairs.