Mr. John C. Wright to Mr. Seward.

No. 28.]

Sir: * * * * * * * *

The “ upper house,” on the 24th ultimo, agreed unanimously to the present draft of the constitution. At 3 p. m. on the same day the Prussian Landtag was closed. Chevalier Von der Heydt, minister of finance, read a royal message from the King. I enclose herewith a copy of the speech in German.

The constitution has been promulgated in all the states of the Bund. On and after to-day it will come into force throughout the northern states.

* * * * * * * *

I have the honor to be, with great respect, your obedient servant,


Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.

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Illustrious, noble, and honorable gentlemen of both houses of the Landtag:

His Majesty the King has devolved upon me the duty to close, in his illustrious name, the sitting of both houses of the Landtag of the kingdom.

The government of his Majesty acknowledges with lively thanks that the House of Lords with unanimity, the House of Delegates with a vastly preponderating majority, shared in assent to the constitution of the North German Union.

In the readiness with which the two houses, by relinquishing a portion of their ancient privileges, overcame antagonistic opinions, the government of his Majesty respects a fresh proof of that German good sense and patriotic self-sacrifice which are an inheritance of the Prussian people, and on which Prussia’s appeal for Germany is founded.

Through the consent of the Prussian agricultural representation to the building up of the North German Union, every condition preliminary to the establishment of the constitution is attained in Prussia. The recognition of the constitutional union will, without delay and at the same time, ensue in all the united states.

Therewith, the national development of Germany over new grounds is prepared in bringing about the fruits all the energies of patriotism must combine.

The Prussian people, however, should regard the newly constituted Germany with the more satisfaction, because from her came that shapeliness which in Prussia fosters, in every respect, community of interest between prince and people.

While northern Germany could only form a narrow strip of associated states, the national intercommunion, now secured to the extent of the German territory, as well as the domestic habits of the German people and the Zollverein, indicate the surest grounds for the development of the German unity, at a future day, in harmony with the conditions of the North German Union.

Thanks to the moderation and love of peace of all the powers, it has so fallen out that the pacific development of the European relations has been secured from disturbance ; the friendliness and the confidential intercourse between his Majesty the King and the more powerful of the monarchs of neighboring states give lasting assurances of the duration and sure pledge of a peace fraught with blessings.

The wish and the endeavor of his Majesty’s government will ever be directed to maintaining the importance and power of the recently established state organizations, and the security of the blessings of peace.

In the name of his Majesty the King, I declare that the sitting of both houses of the Landtag are closed.