Mr. Seward to Count Wydenbruck.

Sir: I avail myself of the first convenient hour after arriving from Boston to inform you that at the moment of my departure from this city on the 21st of June last, by direction of the President of the United States, I communicated to President Juarez, of Mexico, by telegraph, the proposition of his Imperial Majesty of Austria, that he would reinstate the Prince Maximilian in all his rights of possession as Archduke of Austria as soon as the Prince should be set at liberty, and should renounce forever all his projects in Mexico.

At an earlier date—namely, on the 15th—I had in like manner used the telegraph to make known to President Juarez the request of her Majesty the Queen of England, and of the Emperor of the French, for the good offices of this government in behalf of the Prince Maximilian.

This information may perhaps be of some slight value by way of soothing the sadness which the painful news concerning the fate of the Prince Maximilian, just received from Mexico, cannot fail to produce.

I am, sir, with high consideration, your obedient servant,


Count Wydenbruck, &c., &c., &c.