Mr. Motley to Mr. Seward.

No. 229.]

Sir: I have the honor to send with this despatch the official Vienna Gazette of yesterday, 19th February, containing the rescript of the, Emperor to the Diet of Pesth, formally announcing the restoration of the Hungarian constitution, and stating that he had appointed Count Julius Andrassy to be minister president of Hungary, with power to propose the other members of a cabinet for the approval of his Majesty. The other documents published in the Gazette are relative to this very important step.

The various diets of the cis-Leithan provinces met yesterday at the respective capitals. Their chief business is to choose members of what is designated as the Reichsrath, before which body, when assembled, the propositions of the Hungarian Diet will be laid.

I have the honor to be, sir, your obedient servant,


Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.