Mr. Hale to Mr. Seward

No. 78.]

Sir: I have the honor herewith to enclose a circular, which I received from the Spanish minister of state yesterday, relative to some recent modifications of their very stringent quarantine regulations hitherto enforced by the Spanish government.

With much respect, I have the honor to be your most obedient servant,


Hon. William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washington, D. C.


To the Provincial Governors :

The sanitary condition of Europe and of some portions of America has recently improved, and as it is no longer necessary to continue stringent health regulations, the Queen (may God protect her) has deigned to order—

1. That vessels coming from the Papal States may be admitted without quarantine if their captains present clean bills of health, signed by our consular agents, and show there has been no death on board during the voyage.

2. Vessels from France, England, Italy, Denmark, the United States, Hamburg, Holland, Sweden, and Norway, shall perform only three days’ quarantine in the ports of Cartagena, Cadiz, and Santander, designated for that purpose, where the marine boards of health are charged to examine their certificates and crew-lists, to know if the vessels have touched at other ports where infectious diseases prevail, or if deaths have occurred on board, and to see that all the legal requisites have been complied with.

3. Vessels from Austria are subject to the same regulations, with all the formalities required in such cases; and,

4. In cases of doubt about the proper interpretation of this supreme decree, the chief board of health in this department must be consulted by telegraph.

I communicate this by royal order, charging you, in her Majesty’s name, to use the greatest zeal and diligence in the execution of this important service.

God save you many years.