Mr. Seward to Mr. Fox

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 23d of July last, transmitting a catalogue of books presented to you by the Emperor of Russia upon the occasion of your visit to that country as the bearer of the resolution of Congress.

I have also to acknowledge the receipt of a large number of those valuable works which have been donated by you to the library of the Smithsonian Institution, which now forms a part of the Library of Congress, namely: 179 volumes finely bound, many in quarto, others in octavo major; 16 atlases and albums, illustrating accompanying books, texts, or descriptions, some eagle, other elephant size, all bound in cloth, morocco, &c.; 72 maps, some bound in covers or cases, four city plans in cases and on cloth; and 12 pamphlets, making in all 282 pieces, all of which have been placed in the library of the Smithsonian Institution, in accordance with your intentions.

In accepting on behalf of the government and people of the United States so important and instructive an acquisition to the national library, I may safely assure you that they will be gratefully appreciated and carefully preserved. I have the honor to ber, sir, your obedient servant,


G. V. Fox, Esq., Washington.