Mr. Fox to Mr. Seward

Sir: Having returned from my visit to Russia on the 13th instant, I discharge a duty by enclosing to you herewith the following papers introductory— a memorandum of papers in Russian:

1. Autograph letter of Peter the Great.

2. A poem by Derschavin, a lyric poet of the time of Catherine II, with autographic corrections and remarks.

3. An autographic poem of Puschkin.

4. A letter of Schukowsky, Governor of Alexander II.

5. A fragment, autographic, of Gogol

6. The First Snow, a poem by Countess Rostopchine, (autographic.)

7. A fac simile from the Russian history of Karamzin; and,

8. An autographic remark by Schafarik.

I received these, last August, from Mr. Pogodin, a distinguished citizen of Moscow who requested me to present them to some national institute, or museum, in Washington. I ask you to acknowledge their receipt, and give such direction to them as in your judgment shall best fulfil the wishes of the donor.

I have the honor to be your obedient servant,

G. Y. FOX, Late Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

Hon William H. Seward, Secretary of State, Washinglon, D. C.