Mr. Dumas to Mr. Seward

Mr. Minister: The relations which Mr. Ruggles held with the persons invited, during the continuance of the Universal Exposition, to engage their attention with monetary questions, have led him to investigate the means for the establishment of a connection between the monetary systems of France and the United States.

With this purpose he has asked me to cause to be coined at the mint in Paris some coins of international type, corresponding in value with 5 dollars and 25 francs.

The administration of the mint lent itself the more readily to this wish, because the coin of 5 dollars or of 25 francs, without introducing any change into the monetary systems of the two countries, will render more easy to them the conversion of values, and will tead to develop still more the commercial relations which it is their reciprocal interest to extend as far as possible.

Permit me, therefore, Mr. Minister, to send you, through Mr. Ruggles, a specimen of these pieces in testimony of the wish which every enlightened man should experience in perceiving exchanges rendered more easy between the new continent and the old, and in the natural desire, with which my position inspires me, to see established between France and the United States that monetary accord which already exists between it and other countries.

Receive, Mr. Minister, the assurance of my high consideration,

V. DUMAS, Senator and, President of the Commission on Coins and Medals.

The Secretary of State of the United States.

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