Mr. Dumas to the President

Mr. President: The relations which Mr. Ruggles has held with the persons designated, during the continuance of the Universal Exposition, to consider monetary questions, have induced him to seek the means of establishing connections between the monetary systems of France and the United States. With this object he has asked me to cause to be struck at the mint of Paris pieces of an international type, corresponding to the value of 5 dollars and to that of 25 francs.

The administration of the mint has the more readily acceded to this desire, inasmuch as the 5-dollar or 25-franc piece, without introducing any change in the monetary systems of the two countries, would make the conversion of values between them more easy, and would tend to develop still more the commercial relations which it is to their reciprocal interest the more and more to extend.

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Permit me, then, Mr. President, to send to you, through the medium of Mr. Ruggles, a specimen of those pieces (coins) as a proof of the wish of every enlightened man to see the exchanges made more easy between the new and the old continent, and of the natural desire with which my position inspires me to see the monetary accord established between France and the United States, which already exists between her and other countries.

I am, with profound respect, Mr. President, your most obedient servant,

V. DUMAS, Senator and President of the Commission on Coins and Medals.

His Excellency the President of the United States.