Mr. Seward to General Salgar

Sir: On the 16th of March last you were pleased to address a memorandum containing certain propositions with regard to the survey of the isthmus of [Page 598] Panama, in which you stipulated, on the receipt of a reply to the memorandum from this government, to submit the same “promptly to your government, that confirmatory action may be taken thereon by the present Colombian congress, thus expediting the enterprise.”

The department replied in a note of the 19th of March, consenting to the propositions contained in the memorandum, subject, of course, to the necessary constitutional approval. We have failed, however, to receive any information as to whether any or what action has been taken in the premises by the congress of Colombia, and I address myself to you for the purpose of soliciting such information, if within your power.

I avail myself of this occasion, general, to offer to you a renewed assurance of my very high consideration.


Señor General Eustorjio Salgar, &c., & c., & c.