Mr. Seward to Lord Lyons.

My Lord: In your note of the 17th of June last, which has been received, your lordship inquires whether it would be agreeable to this government if a proclamation should be made by the governor of British Honduras, under the provisions of an act of the legislature of that colony, declaring that Boston, New [Page 689] York, and Philadelphia, are regarded as ports of emigration, with a view to canvass for an emigration of colored laborers from the United States.

Having taken the directions of the President, I have to inform your lordship that this government interposes no objection to the voluntary immigration of persons of the class described, and of course none to the proclamation proposed.

I have the honor to be, with high consideration, your lordship’s obedient servant,


Right Hon. Lord Lyons, &c., &c., &c.