Introduction to Curriculum Packet on “When the Border Vanishes: Diplomacy and the Threat to our Health and Environment”

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As timely as today's headlines, When the Border Vanishes enters the new world of 21st century diplomacy where emerging threats transcend our borders and threaten our long-term security. This presentation goes beyond the headlines to explore the roots of our attitudes toward environmentalism and conservation and link those attitudes to our beliefs about our borders and how we define "our" natural resources.

In this fast-paced program, your students will meet the presidents, scientists, explorers, and diplomats who have contributed to the evolution of our understanding of enivronmental issues from Thomas Jefferson's Philadelphia to Theodore Roosevelt's Cuba and from the deadly jungles of Panama to the majesty of the moon.

When the Border Vanishes includes a broadcast-quality DVD and an extensive curriculum package on CD-ROM, designed to fit easily into your social studies curriculum. Developed by the U.S. Department of State and a team of education professionals, this DVD/curriculum package includes lessons in history, economics, government, and geography, and addresses the needs of lower level and AP students alike.

Lesson Plans & Activities

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