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The Historian

Past directors of the Office of the Historian are listed below. (For the period before the director assumed the title of The Historian, the official listed headed the Department component responsible for the production of the Foreign Relations series.) For additional information, see Appendix D of Toward “Thorough, Accurate, and Reliable”: A History of the Foreign Relations of the United States Series.

  • 1919–1924, Gaillard Hunt (DP)
  • 1924, Harry Dwight (DP)
  • 1924–1931, Tyler Dennett (DP; HA)
  • 1931–1933, Hunter Miller (HA)
  • 1933–1939, Cyril Wynne (RP)
  • 1939–1946, E. Wilder Spaulding (RP)
  • 1946–1962, George Bernard Noble (RE; HD; HO)
  • 1962–1974, William Franklin (HO)
  • 1975–1976, Fredrick Aandahl (acting) (HO)
  • 1976–1981, David Trask (HO)
  • 1981–2000, William Slany (HO)
  • 2001–2009, Marc Susser (HO)
  • 2009, John Campbell (acting) (HO)
  • 2009–2012, Edward Brynn (acting) (HO)
  • 2012–2017, Stephen Randolph (HO)