Visits By Foreign Leaders of Sweden

Visitor Description Date
Prime Minister Erlander Unofficial visit. In U.S. April 3–17. Also visited New York City, Rockford (Illinois), Chicago, Minneapolis (Minnesota), and Detroit (Michigan). April 12–16, 1952
Prime Minister Erlander Arrived in U.S. November 16, aboard inaugural trans-Arctic flight to Los Angeles by Scandinavian Airlines. Met with President Eisenhower November 24. November 23–26, 1954
Prime Minister Erlander Informal visit. In U.S. March 28–April 4; visited New York. March 29, 1961
Prime Minister Erlander Attended funeral of President Kennedy. November 24–25, 1963
Prime Minister Olaf Palme Attended White House dinner on 25th Anniversary of the U.N October 24, 1970
King Carl XVI Gustav Private visit. April 5, 1976
Prime Minister Ola Ullsten Private visit. Met with President Carter January 18. January 16–18, 1979
King Carl XVI Gustav Private visit. Met with President Reagan November 22, 1981
Prime Minister Ingvar Carlsson Official Visit. Afterwards visited Chicago, September 11–13. September 6–11, 1987
Prime Minister Carl Bildt Official working visit. February 19–22, 1992
Prime Minister Carl Bildt Met with President Clinton during a private visit. December 1, 1993
Prime Minister Goran Persson Official working visit. August 5–6, 1996
Prime Minister Goran Persson Attended NATO’s 50th Anniversary Summit. April 23–25, 1999
Prime Minister Goran Persson Working visit. December 3, 2001
Prime Minister Goran Persson Working visit. April 27–28, 2004
King Carl XVI Gustav Working visit. October 22–24, 2006
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt Working visit. May 14–16, 2007
Prime Minister John Fredrik Reinfeldt Attended the G-20 Economic Summit in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. September 24–25, 2009
Prime Minister John Fredrik Reinfeldt Visited as President of the European Council. November 2–3, 2009
Prime Minister Fredrik Reingeldt Attended the Nuclear Security Summit. April 12–13, 2010
Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt Attended the NATO Summit Meeting in Chicago, IL. May 20–21, 2012
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Attended the U.S.-Nordic Leaders Summit. May 13, 2016
Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Working Visit. March 4–7, 2018