Visits By Foreign Leaders of Somalia

Visitor Description Date
Prime Minister Abdirascid Presidential guest. In U.S. November 25–December 2, visiting New York City, Philadelphia, and San Juan. November 27–29, 1962
Prime Minister Mohammed Haji Ibrahim Egal Official visit. In U.S. March 13–21; visited New York City, Knoxville, Cape Kennedy, and Syracuse (N.Y.). March 14–16, 1968
Prime Minister Mohammed Haji Ibrahim Egal Private visit. October 6, 1969
President Mohammed Siad Barre Private visit. October 11, 1974
President Mohammed Siad Barre Official working visit. Private visit afterward to Houston, Chicago, and New York City. March 9–14, 1982
President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud Attended the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. August 5–6, 2014