Visits By Foreign Leaders of Saudi Arabia

Visitor Description Date
King Saud State visit to Washington. January 30–February 8, 1957
King Saud Informal visit. Arrived in U.S. November 22, 1961 for medical treatment in Boston; also visited Palm Beach. February 13–14, 1962
King Faisal State visit. In U.S. June 20–30; visited Williamsburg and New York June 21–23, 1966
King Faisal Official visit. In U.S. May 24; visited San Francisco and Williamsburg. May 27–30, 1971
King Khalid Private visit. Had luncheon with President Carter. Was receiving medical treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. October 27, 1978
King Fahd State Visit. February 7–10, 1985
King Abdullah bin Albdul Aziz Attended the G-20 Economic Summit Meeting. November 14–15, 2008
King Abdullah bin Abd-el Aziz al-Saud Working visit. June 29, 2010
King Salman bin Abdel Aziz bin-Saud Official Working Visit. September 4, 2015
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Working Visit. March 19–24, 2018