Visits By Foreign Leaders of Malaysia

Visitor Description Date
Prime Minister Rahman Official visit. Afterwards visited Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), San Francisco, Akron (Ohio), and New York City. Departed U.S. November 6. October 25–28, 1960
Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Official visit. In U.S. July 21–August 4, visited Williamsburg, Fort Bragg (North Carolina), Miami, Cape Kennedy (Florida), and New York City. Traveled to Canada July 28–29. July 22–24, 1964
Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Private visit. October 13, 1969
Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak Private visit. October 5, 1971
Prime Minister Hussein bin Onn Official visit. September 23–October 5, 1977
Prime Minister Mahathir bin Muhammad Official working visit. Private visit to Tulsa (Okla.) afterward. January 17–20, 1984
Prime Minister Mahathir bin Muhammad Met with President Bush in Boston. May 21, 1989
Prime Minister Mahathir bin Muhammad Met with President Clinton during a private visit. May 21, 1996
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed Working visit. May 13–15, 2002
Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi Working visit. July 18–20, 2004
Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi Met with President Bush at the UN General Assembly in New York City. September 18, 2006
Prime Minister Najib Razak Attended the Nuclear Security Summit. April 12–13, 2010
Prime Minister Najib ben Abdul Razak Attended the Asia-Pacific Economic and Cooperation Summit at Honolulu and Kapolei, Hawaii. November 10–13, 2011
Prime Minister Mohd Najid Razak Attended the ASEAN Leaders Summit at Sunnylands, CA. February 16–18, 2016
Prime Minister Najib Razak Official Working Visit. September 12, 2017