Visits By Foreign Leaders of Iceland

Visitor Description Date
President Bjornsson Guest of U.S. Government. In U.S. August 19–29. Visited New York City. August 24–27, 1944
Prime Minister Benediktsson Informal visit. August 18, 1964
President Asgeir Asgeirsson Informal visit. In U.S. July 17–August 5; visited New York City and Boston. Travelled to Canada July 28–August 2. July 17–19, 1967
Prime Minister Bjarni Benediktsson Met with President Nixon April 11 after NATO Ministerial Meeting. April 10–11, 1969
Prime Minister Geir Hallgrimmsson Attended North Atlantic Alliance Summit conference. May 30–31, 1978
President Vigdis Finbogadottir Official working visit. Private visit afterwards to Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, and Chicago. September 4–10, 1982
President Vigdis Finbogadottir Met with President Reagan during a private visit. January 26, 1988
Prime Minister Thorstein Palsson Official Working Visit. Private visit to Orlando (Fla.) afterward. August 9–13, 1988
President Vigdis Finbogadottir Met with President Bush during a private visit. May 23, 1989
Prime Minister David Oddsson Met with President Bush while attending the U.N. General Assembly in New York City. September 24, 1991
President Vigdis Finbogadottir Attended symposium on explorations at the Smithsonian Institution, and commemoration of Viking explorers; met with President Bush Oct. 9. October 8–9, 1991
President Vigdis Finbogadottir Met with President Clinton during a private visit. October 5–7, 1994
Prime Minister David Oddson Attended NATO’s 50th Anniversary Summit. April 23–25, 1999
President Olafur Grimsson Private visit. April 28, 2000
Prime Minister David Oddsson Working visit. July 5–7, 2004
Prime Minister Johanna Sigurdardottir Attended the NATO Summit Meeting in Chicago, IL. May 20–21, 2012
Prime Minister Sigurd Ingi Johannsson Attended the U.S.-Nordic Leaders Summit. May 13, 2016