Visits By Foreign Leaders of Greece

Visitor Description Date
King George II In U.S. June 10–28, visiting New York City and Philadelphia (Pennsylvania). June 10–16, 1942
Prime Minister Tsouderos Accompanied King George II. June 10–16, 1942
Prime Minister Tsaldaris Addressed the UN on frontier problems with neighboring states. Visited Washington as guest of the government. In U.S. December 5–24. December 19–22, 1946
King Paul I At the invitation of the President. Afterwards visited Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Toledo (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Houston (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Williamsburg (Virginia). Private visit to New York City from November 24. Departed U.S. December 3. October 28–31, 1953
Prime Minister Karamanlis Met with U.S. officials while attending a UN General Assembly session. November 15, 1956
Prime Minister Karamanlis Official visit. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. April 24. April 17–20, 1961
Prime Minister Papandreou Informal visit. In U.S. June 23. Visited Williamsburg and New York City. June 24–26, 1964
King Constantine Informal visit. Arrived in New York City August 24; visited Canada August 26–September 9. Visited Newport (R.I.) September 10 and 12. September 11, 1967
Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis Attended North Atlantic Alliance Summit conference. May 30–31, 1978
Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis Private visit. June 6, 1990
Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis Official working visit. Later visited New York City. December 11–13, 1991
Prime Minister Constantine Mitsotakis Met with President Bush and attended the opening of an exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. November 16–19, 1992
Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou Official working visit. April 22–24, 1994
Prime Minister Konstandinos Simitis Working visit. April 7–10, 1996
President Konstandinos Stephanopoulos State Visit. Afterwards visited Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Chicago. May 7–10, 1996
Prime Minister Costas Simitis Attended NATO’s 50th Anniversary Summit. April 23–25, 1999
Prime Minister Konstandions Simitis Working visit. January 9–11, 2002
Prime Minister Konstandinos Simitis Working visit. Met with President Bush at the U.S.-EU Summit Meeting. June 24–26, 2003
Prime Minister Konstantinos Karamanlis Working visit. May 19–21, 2004
Prime Minister Konstandinos Karamanlis Working visit. May 20, 2005
Prime Minister George Papandreou Working visit. March 8–9, 2010
Prime Minister Antonios Samaras Working visit. August 8, 2013
Prime Minister Alexios Tsipras Official Working Visit. October 17, 2017
Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis Official Working Visit. January 7, 2020