Visits By Foreign Leaders of Ethiopia

Visitor Description Date
Prime Minister Endalkachau Led Ethiopian delegation to the United Nations Conference in San Francisco. April 26–June 14, 1945
Emperor Haile Selassie At the invitation of the President. Addressed U.S. Congress May 4. Afterwards visited Princeton (New Jersey), New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Ann Arbor and Lansing (Michigan), Chicago, St. Paul (Minnesota), Spokane and Seattle (Washington), San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans (Louisiana), Stillwater (Oklahoma), and Fort Benning (Georgia). Also traveled to Canada (June 3–7) and Mexico (June 19–24). Left U.S. July 12. May 26–29, 1954
Emperor Haile Selassie State visit. In U.S. September 30–October 7, visited Philadelphia and New York City. October 1–3, 1963
Emperor Haile Selassie Attended funeral of President Kennedy. November 24–25, 1963
Emperor Haile Selassie State visit. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. February 17. February 13–15, 1967
Emperor Haile Selassie State visit. Afterwards visited Atlanta and Cape Kennedy. Departed U.S. July 11. July 7–10, 1969
Emperor Haile Selassie Attended White House dinner on 25th Anniversary of the U.N; met privately with President Nixon October 25. October 24–25, 1970
Emperor Haile Selassie Official visit. May 14–15, 1973
President Meles Zenawi Working visit. August 10–16, 1994
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Attended Africare dinner with President Clinton. October 19, 1995
Prime Minister Meles Zenawi Working visit. December 4–5, 2002
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe Attended the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. August 5–6, 2014
Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn Met with President Obama at the UN General Assembly Meeting in New York City. September 25, 2014