Visits By Foreign Leaders of Croatia

Visitor Description Date
President Franjo Tudjman Attended dedication of the Holocaust Memorial Museum and met with President Clinton on April 21. April 18–22, 1993
President Franjo Tudjman Attended the signing of the Muslim-Croat federation agreement. March 17–20, 1994
President Franjo Tudjman Attended commemoration of the first anniversary of the Bosnian-Croatian Federation. March 15–16, 1995
President Franjo Tudjman Met with President Clinton at the UN General Assembly in New York City. October 24, 1995
Prime Minister Zlatko Matesa Attended funeral service for Commerce Secretary Brown. April 9–11, 1996
President Franjo Tudjman Working visit. August 1–2, 1996
President Stjepan Mesic and Prime Minister Ivica Racan Working visit. August 7–10, 2000
Prime Minister Ivica Racan Official working visit. June 6, 2002
Prime Minister Ivo Sanader Working visit. Attended NATO Accession ceremony. March 28–30, 2004
Prime Minister Ivo Sanader Working visit. October 15–18, 2006
Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic Attended the NATO Summit Meeting in Chicago, IL. May 20–21, 2012