Visits By Foreign Leaders of Congo, Republic of the

Visitor Description Date
President Youlou Informal visit. Afterwards visited New York City. Departed U.S. June 13. June 8–10, 1961
President Denis Sassou-Nguesso State visit. Private visit to Houston afterwards. February 11–14, 1990
Prime Minister Andre Milongo Private visit. Met with President Bush Dec. 13. Arrived in the U.S. Dec. 8; departed Dec. 14. Also visited Atlanta. December 8–14, 1991
President Denis Sassou-Nguesso Attended United States-Africa Business Summit; met with President Bush during a private visit June 26. June 24–27, 2003
President Denis Sassou-Nguesso Working visit. June 4–7, 2006
President Denis Sassou-Nguesso Attended the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. August 5–6, 2014