Visits By Foreign Leaders of Bolivia

Visitor Description Date
President Penaranda Guest of the President. In U.S. May 4–21, visiting Detroit (Michigan), Buffalo and West Point (New York), and New York City. May 5–9, 1943
President Paz-Estenssoro State visit. In U.S. October 21–28, visited Williamsburg and New York City. October 22–24, 1963
President Rene Barrientos Ortuno Informal visit at LBJ Ranch, and Bolivia Day ceremonies in San Antonio (Tex.). July 5–6, 1968
President Hugo Banzer Suarez Attended signing of the Panama Canal Treaty. September 6–9, 1977
President Jaime Paz Zamora Met with President Bush at the U.N. General Assembly. September 25, 1989
President Jaime Paz Zamora Official working visit. Private visit to Miami afterwards. May 7–9, 1990
President Jaime Paz Zamora Attended Drug Summit in San Antonio, Texas. February 26–27, 1992
President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada Attended the Summit of the Americas in Miami, Florida. December 9–11, 1994
President Hugo Banzer Met with President Clinton at the UN Millenium Summit in New York City. September 8, 2000
President Jorge Quiroga Ramirez Working visit. December 6, 2001
President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada Working visit. November 9–14, 2002