Visits By Foreign Leaders of Belgium

Visitor Description Date
King Albert In U.S. October 2–31, visiting New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Santa Barbara (California), San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Addressed U.S. Congress October 28. October 27–30, 1919
Prime Minister Van Zeeland In U.S. June 18–30. Also visited New York City and Princeton (New Jersey). June 23–25, 1937
Regent Prince Charles Also visited Annapolis, Knoxville (Tennessee), New York City, and West Point (New York). Revisited Washington privately April 10–12. Departed U.S. April 14. April 4–9, 1948
Premier Spaak Accompanied Prince Charles. April 4–9, 1948
Prime Minister Pholien Met with President Truman April 9 during a private visit. Arrived in U.S. March 31; visited New York City. April 2–10, 1951
King Baudouin State visit. Addressed U.S. Congress May 12. Afterwards visited Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, Dallas and El Paso (Texas), Los Angeles, Santa Fe (New Mexico), Omaha (Nebraska), New York City, Norfolk (Virginia), and Wilmington (Delaware). Departed U.S. May 31. May 11–14, 1959
King Baudouin I Attended funeral of President Kennedy. November 24–25, 1963
King Baudouin I Attended funeral of former President Eisenhower; met with President Nixon March 31. March 31–April 1, 1969
King Baudouin I Informal visit. In U.S. May 17–23; visited Palm Beach, Cape Kennedy, New York City, and Houston. May 20–21, 1969
Prime Minister Leo C. Tindemans Official visit. Private visit to Houston afterwards. October 18–22, 1977
Prime Minister Leo C. Tindemans Attended North Atlantic Alliance Summit conference. May 30–31, 1978
King Baudouin I Private visit. Met with President Carter April 22. April 20–22, 1980
Prime Minister Wilfried Martens Official working visit. February 16–18, 1982
Prime Minister Wilfried Martens Official Working Visit. Private visit to Boston afterwards. January 13–15, 1985
Prime Minister Wilfried Martens Private Visit. Met with President Reagan May 28. May 27–29, 1987
King Baudouin I Met with President Bush at the U.N. General Assembly. September 30, 1990
Prime Minister Wilfried Martens Met with President Bush while attending a U.N. Security Council Summit in New York City. January 30, 1992
Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene Official working visit. February 11–15, 1995
Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene Attended NATO’s 50th Anniversary Summit. April 23–25, 1999
Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt Working visit. September 27–28, 2001
Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt Working visit. January 17, 2006
Prime Minister Yves Leterme Attended the Nuclear Security Summit. April 12–13, 2010
Prime Minister Elio de Rupo Attended the NATO Summit Meeting in Chicago, IL. May 20–21, 2012