Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1966

Visitor From Description Date
President Nguyen Van Thieu Vietnam Official visit. Conferred with President Johnson in Honolulu on military and economic assistance to Vietnam. February 6–8, 1966
Prime Minister Indira Gandhi India Official visit. In U.S. March 27–April 1; visited Williamsburg and New York City. March 28–29, 1966
Prime Minister Jens Otto Krag Denmark Private visit. Arrived in U.S. April 20; visited New York City and Omaha. Met with President Johnson April 27. April 22–27, 1966
King Faisal Saudi Arabia State visit. In U.S. June 20–30; visited Williamsburg and New York June 21–23, 1966
Prime Minister Harold E. Holt Australia Informal visit while en route to London. Also visited New York City. Departed U.S. July 6 June 28–29, 1966
Prime Minister Harold E. Holt Australia Informal visit during return trip from London. July 13–14, 1966
Prime Minister Forbes Burnham Guyana Informal visit. Afterwards visited San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, and Austin. Departed U.S. July 30. July 21–23, 1966
Prime Minister Harold Wilson United Kingdom Informal visit. July 28–29, 1966
President Zalman Shazar Israel In U.S. July 28–August 4; visited New York City. Informal meeting with President Johnson. August 2–3, 1966
Chairman Ne Win Burma State visit. In U.S. September 8–10; visited New York City, Williamsburg, California, and Hawaii. September 8–10, 1966
President Ferdinand Marcos Philippines State visit. In U.S. September 12–27. Addressed Congress September 15. Visited Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and San Francisco. September 14–16, 1966
Chancellor Ludwig Erhard Germany, Federal Republic of Informal visit. In U.S. September 24–27; visited Cape Kennedy. September 26–27, 1966
President Leopold Sedar Senghor Senegal State Visit. September 28, 1966
Prime Minister Souvanna Phouma Laos Informal meetings with President Johnson in New York City. October 12–13, 1966