Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1955

Visitor From Description Date
Prime Minister Holland New Zealand Unofficial visit. Left New York City January 27. January 20–23, 1955
President Magloire Haiti Official visit. Addressed U.S. Congress January 27. Afterwards visited West Point (New York) and New York City. After February 3 unofficially visited Nashville (Tennessee), Chicago and Boston (Massachusetts). Departed U.S. February 9. January 26–29, 1955
Prime Minister Menzies Australia Official visit. In New York City March 5–9; visited Canada March 9–13. Addressed U.S. Congress March 16. Private visit after March 17. March 13–20, 1955
Prime Minister Scelba Italy Official visit. Also visited New York City. Unofficial visits to Philadelphia, Chicago, and Detroit. Departed U.S. April 7. March 27–30, 1955
Prime Minister Pibulsonggram Thailand Official visit. In U.S. April 23–May 1, visiting San Francisco, Detroit, Albany, New York City, West Point and Hyde Park (New York), and Morrisville (Pennsylvania). May 2–6, 1955
Chancellor Adenauer Germany, Federal Republic of Unofficial visit. Also visited Boston (Massachusetts) and New York City. Departed the U.S. June 18. June 13–15, 1955
Prime Minister U Nu Burma Official visit. In U.S. June 24–July 16. Visited New York City, Detroit (Michigan), Knoxville (Tennessee), the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Los Angeles, and San Francisco. June 29–July 3, 1955
President Castillo Armas Guatemala Official visit. Afterwards visited New York City, St. Louis (Missouri), Houston (Texas), and New Orleans (Louisiana). Departed U.S. November 13. October 31–November 3, 1955
President Batlle Berres Uruguay Official visit. Afterwards visited New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Chicago, and Miami. Departed U.S. December 17. December 5–8, 1955