Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1953

Visitor From Description Date
Prime Minister Churchill United Kingdom Unofficial visit. January 8–9, 1953
Premier Mayer France Official visit. Discussed security measures in the Far East and Europe. March 25–28, 1953
Chancellor Adenauer Germany, Federal Republic of Guest of the President. In U.S. April 6–18. Visited San Francisco, Carmel (California), Chicago, New York City, and Boston (Massachusetts). April 7–10, 1953
King Sihanouk Cambodia En route from Europe to Cambodia; visited New York City and San Francisco. Departed U.S. April 21. April 17, 1953
Prime Minister St. Laurent Canada Guest of the President. Discussed bilateral relations. May 7–8, 1953
Prime Minister Holland New Zealand Met with President Eisenhower en route to London for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. May 17–20, 1953
Prime Minister Paik Korea Discussed terms of the Korean truce agreement with President Eisenhower and senior officials. June 16–18, 1953
President Quirino Philippines Private visit to Washington, D.C. after medical treatment in Baltimore (Maryland). In U.S. July 1–August 24. August 15–24, 1953
President Remon Panama Afterwards made an unofficial visit to New York City. Departed U.S. October 7. September 28–October 1, 1953
President Ruiz Cortines Mexico Met with President Eisenhower in Texas for dedication of Falcon Dam. October 19, 1953
King Paul I Greece At the invitation of the President. Afterwards visited Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), New York City, Boston (Massachusetts), Toledo (Ohio), Detroit (Michigan), Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon (Arizona), Houston (Texas), New Orleans (Louisiana), and Williamsburg (Virginia). Private visit to New York City from November 24. Departed U.S. December 3. October 28–31, 1953
Governor General Ghulam Mohammed Pakistan Met with President Eisenhower after obtaining medical treatment in Boston (Massachusetts). November 8–13, 1953