Visits By Foreign Leaders in 1948

Visitor From Description Date
Regent Prince Charles Belgium Also visited Annapolis, Knoxville (Tennessee), New York City, and West Point (New York). Revisited Washington privately April 10–12. Departed U.S. April 14. April 4–9, 1948
Premier Spaak Belgium Accompanied Prince Charles. April 4–9, 1948
President Weizmann Israel (Provisional Government) Met with President Truman. (Was in New York City when elected.) Left U.S. May 26. May 24–25, 1948
President Gallegos Venezuela Met with President Truman in Washington and Bolivar (Missouri). July 1–5, 1948
President Prio Socarras Cuba Also visited Annapolis (Maryland) and New York City. Departed U.S. December 12. December 8–10, 1948